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Aulos 205A Descant Recorder w/Yellow Bag (205A)

by Aulos

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The Aulos 205A is truly the industry standard descant recorder. Recommended by the vast majority of schools and teachers. Traditional Cream and dark brown finish. Be sure to get the best in the field for your child and they'll have the best chance of success. Plus it'll sound far more pleasant during practice too!

The patented AULOS cavity wall design for a soft, clear and more resonant tone. Features a curved fipple and shaped mouthpiece for easy blowing.

Includes yellow corduroy bag, fingering chart and cleaning rod.

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More Details

Aulos Recorder Descant 205A
Dark Brown and Ivory
Register c to d
Length 32.4cm
ABS resin
Curved windway, concave bell at the foot-joint, three-piece

Brand Aulos
Product Code 205A
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