Music Tuition

At Icon Music we have 8 dedicated teaching areas, where a number of professional music teachers offer one-to-one lessons. Private music tuition is offered in a wide variety of instruments including Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Vocals, Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Clarinet, Sax, & Violin. So if you want to start learning to play an instrument, a new style or have some techniques or theory to brush up on, there's almost certainly a teacher who can help!  

The majority of tuition is scheduled for afternoons/evenings on weekdays (until 8pm) and throughout the day on Saturdays. All teachers charge £14/half hour lesson based on a regular weekly slot. Please register your interest with the form below and we'll call you ASAP to discuss your availability. Better still, if you buy an instrument from us, we'll put you on our priority waiting list so you can jump the queue and get started right away!

Beginners ARE Welcome!!

Many people ask, "do you take beginners?"...Yes of course!! From a teacher's point of view it's like starting with a blank canvas. All you need to be a good student (as well as an instrument to play), is to be motivated to learn, and to practise between your lessons. Your teacher will take care of the rest!!


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